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2 short poems

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The night is young

And shes no longer sober

And he cant wait til he flips her over

She takes another sip of her beer

As he leads her into a room unsinecere

He pushes her down so fast

No slower could time go

She cried and gasped

He touches her legs

She pushes him away

While with the beer

Her mind has to pay

He had her in a lock

That she could not escape

The gurl couldnt even yell out "rape rape.."

With one last tear

And one last hope held so high

She woke up the next morning and remember it all..

Now because of those beers

And because of that guy

The girl sits up in bed

And begins to cry




Blood slowly crashed with her tears..

Red pouring from her eyes...

Dripping over her lips

So with that said

She whispered in her lovers ear "Im dying"

He kissed her blood filled lips

And whispered back

"so am i"

She questioned him as he started saying

"without you here...im already dead"

Weakness in her hand

her lips still red

she held his palm

as she watched him cry

Unspeakable pain

As he watched her die....

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