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I'm so confused

I'm so lost

Making up my mind is to hard

stop layin the descisions on me

Stop giving me more stress

I cant take it anymore

You screwed EVERYTHING up

I said as my heart began to tare

Your leading me in circles

endless circles

Your words are decieving

My mind just keeps on recieving all this truth

I cant stand the truth at all rite now


Chain me up master of my mind

I'll kneel and bow

is that what you want so bad

Bad enough to cause pain

You pushed me to my limit

I'm going insane

Shocks in my brain..


wow your upset

arent you always?

and its always my fault

throw all my dreams in a vault

lock it up

and take the key

dont forget

your words torture me


Am i human?

Can i be worth what your doing?

Go ahead..play with my emotions even more

I must not be human

Im a doll

Everyone does whatever they please with me

They beat me

They hug me

They touch me

They love me

They hold me

They scar me

They mold me

I'm worthless

I'm nothing

Please I know what you'd say

Im something

But I'm everthing i despise

So drown me in all of your deadly love

And all of ur deadly lies

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