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I'm trippin on your words boy

Trippin on your words

I'm drownin in your luv boy

Drownin in your luv

I'm breathing your air boy

Breathing your air

You got got me in a stare boy

Got me in a stare


Boy your driving me wild

You got my hectic day feelin mild

What am i supposed to do?

When all i want is you..



Boy stop lookin me in the eye

You know when u say 'jump'

I'd ask how high

So stop puttin my love to the test

For you, i wouldnt just be better i'd be best



Boy you got me wasting my time

But now its not so rough

You have me drawing all those hearts

On all of my stuff

I know that I think about you all the time boy

And well yea...it gets tough


Boy stop treatin my heart like its a toy...

And makin me cry my eyes out to the bone

Boy you got this soft heart

Feeling like hard stone

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