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Signs Your Kid Had A Bad First Day At School


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Top Ten Signs Your Kid Had A Bad First Day At School.


10. Already voted "Least Likely to Succeed."


9. His class schedule includes daily beatings from bullies, teachers, and the custodial staff.


8. Lunch was whatever he could scrape off the bottom of his desk.


7. His school bus driver made him ride on the outside of the bus.


6. Got tackled twice in gym class--three times in algebra.


5. He comes home pledging loyalty to fearless leader Kim Jong-Il


4. When you ask how his day went he tells you to direct all further questions to his attorney.


3. Homework on the first day: try not to be such a loser.


2. You know the kid everyone picks on? He got picked on by that kid.


1. Your last name is McGreevey.


[Courtesy of Late Show With David Letterman]

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