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Stupid Ramblings


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Two people I have talked to this evening..or should I say morning have suggested I write here about how I've been up for, what now..26 1/2 hours.


Right..so lets see. Been up for over 24 hours WHILE I'm sick. So that's double the stupidness. If anything, maybe that's why I came down sick today.


There is one good thing about being so tired to the point that you don't know what you're saying. You piss your parents off. My mom keeps asking me the same question and not 5 seconds later I give her an answer to a totally different question. Half the time I don't even know what I'm saying.


The bad thing about being up for...nearly 27 hours now is that I have to get up in exactly











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Another bunch of rambles..


I hate babysitting something awful. Well, I just hate the kid I have to take care of. He gets enjoyment out of waking me up (Just to be annoying), and watching me turn different shades of red with anger from being woken up. I was sitting down at a table when I accidentally drifted off to sleep. Sometime really, really soon after I had drifted off my head smacked the table. If that wasn't enough to wake me up I had a kid screaming in my ear to wake up. So really it was alot like *Head smacks on table* kid screams *WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!* Both happening at the same second. ...I love kids. I swear. I do. (=


And for the record, I have now been up for 36 hours straight (Only drifted off 7 times since early this morning) while only running on 30 ounces of pure caffiene. Why the heck am I doing this? 'Cause. I. want. to. No really, I do. I also want to pass out for 12 hours. I think that that is going to win and ruin my hopes of


wanting to stay up


for 3


straight days.



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