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Happy 4th of July weekend! Well Im @ grand rents' house then going to see dad for a few days so I wont be here. Lets make a list of things that happened to me.


Graduation, I had my graduation cermemony so I am now in the 6th grade. I have to say I do miss my school very much. Also moving out of the district. Mom's still working there though so I can visit when I have off.


Reading list, stupid school system gave me all this crap about the reading list through the mail and guess what NO LIST :P :D


Eating too much fish can make you sick, I had all fish today. Sushi for breakfast, Shrimp for lunch and salmon for dinner, with a side of forced to eat spinach and ice cream.


Argggg!!!!! Mci is comming to my house while Im away to fix the puter (at grand rent's house now using grandpa's puter) and phone. Ill I could do was watch tv and use my imagination. Great >.<


Terrific, I accidently approve one of the posts here and it was like stuck quede for a month, me and my retared self.




If you payed attention you would see this list maks G R E A T. Which was my week. Argh gotta keep the mom entertained, shes bored. :P Out.





:blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:

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