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Today, I was watching a show on the Discovery Channel. Top Gear, to be specific. Hang on, this will get kind of strange in a minute.


These guys were testing out a modified Lotus Elise with an engine on it that would be like putting a Saturn V rocket on a food processor. They were on a race track and had an APACHE ATTACK HELECOPTER following the Lotus, trying to get a rocket to lock onto it.


The car cost 30000 pounds. Don't ask me what that is American, but it is a lot of money. Not something I'd want to be shooting rockets at.

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I can imagine it now...


"Hey, I'd like to get this $54240 car insured"

"Ok. What kind of insurance do you want?"

"Uh... Do you have any for helecopter attacks?"

"Yes, that'll be $54240 per month, and the coverage doesn't kick in until after 3 months"

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