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Top Ten Questions on the Osama Bin Laden Driver Application


10. Can you parallel-park a camel?


9. If two car bombers reach a four-way intersection at the same time, who detonates first?


8. Will you allow Osama to sit on your lap and steer?


7. You know you probably won't be around to redeem your 401(K) right?


6. When getting the car serviced, will you demand genuine GM parts?


5. Do you require a separate air bag for your beard?


4. Do you swear you're not working for the CIA?


3. At a four-way intersection, would you yield to an infidel?


2. Do you know how to say, "Hey goats--out of the road!" in Pashtun?


1. How long have you been driving a New York City taxi?


[Courtesy of Late Show with David Letterman]

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