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Pedophiles to be tracked


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MADISON, Wis., May 23 (UPI) -- Wisconsin has enacted a law that requires paroled child molesters to wear a Global Positioning System tracking device for at least 20 years.


"Expanded GPS will help law enforcement know exactly where these people are every minute of every day," said Gov. Jim Doyle as he signed the bill into law Monday in Madison. Under the system, warnings would be issued if a sex offender gets near a school, park or other places frequented by children, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Tuesday.


Under the bill, tampering with the GPS equipment is a felony, although offenders could ask a judge to take them off tracking 20 years after being released on parole, probation or extended supervision, the report said.


Several other bills toughening criminal penalties for sex offenders were also signed into law Monday, including a 25-year mandatory sentence for first-degree sexual assault of a child, and a prohibition on anyone in the sex offender registry from intentionally photographing, filming or videotaping anyone under the age 17 without parental consent.




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