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Armless man stopped for speeding...


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Man with no arms charged with dangerous driving

May 11, 2006


WELLINGTON: A 31-year-old man with no arms has appeared in court charged with dangerous driving after police stopped him driving with his feet at high speed.


Police claim Colin Raymond Smith was doing 121km/h – 21km/h over the limit – while using one foot to steer from his reclined seat and the other to control the brake and accelerator, the New Zealand Herald said.


Smith, from the North Island city of Tauranga, who had two passengers in the car, told an officer he was born with no arms, had never had a driver's licence and had been driving with his feet for years.


He was ticketed for speeding at the time but was charged with dangerous driving which carries a three-month prison sentence. He was remanded to appear in court again later this month.

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For those wondering...

121km/h is about 75mph

100km/h is about 62½mph

So basically 12mph over the speed limit.. But that's kind of a moot point considering...

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