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A Sunday School teacher was trying to explain about saying grace before meals. One of the pupils was the young son of the minister of that church, so she started the discussion by asking him, "Jerry, what does you father say when the family sits down to dinner?"


Jerry answered, "Dad says 'Go easy on the butter, kids -- it's three dollars a pound!'"




Tell me something," asked Stumpy, "How many cookies can you eat on an empty stomach, little Johnny?"


Little Johnny scratched his head and said, "Well, five, I think."


"Wrong," said Stumpy. "You can only eat just one. After that, your stomach isn't empty any more! Gotcha!"


Little Johnny was impressed so he decided to pull the joke on his sister, Judi, when he got home.


"Hey, Sis, how many cookies can you eat on an empty stomach?"


Judi thought for a minute or two and said, "Two."


Little Johnny was dejected. "Aw, if you'd said *FIVE* I had a GREAT joke for you!"




A kindhearted farmer came upon a young boy who had just lost a load of hay along the side of the road, and suggested that the boy come home with him and have dinner before reloading the wagon. The boy said he didn't think his father would like that, but the farmer persisted, and finally the boy agreed. After eating dinner and relaxing a bit, the farmer drove the boy back to the scene of the accident, and started to help him put the hay back on the wagon. "By the way;" the farmer said, "you're awfully young to be pitching this hay yourself. Where's your father?"


"He's under this hay" the boy replied.




I just found out that my oldest daughter is academically number one in her class. And she was nominated for prom queen.




Thank you, it's not that big a deal, she's home schooled.

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