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Donut chase


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Doughnut Chase - Thieves steal Krispy Kreme truck, police chase ensued


Posted on 03/28/2002 10:55:27 AM PST by chance33_98


Doughnut Chase


Police followed a trail of doughnuts as they chased down two thieves in Louisiana. A woman is under arrest and her companion is on the run after allegedly stealing a doughnut truck in Slidell. Police say the driver of the Krispy Kreme truck told them he left the back doors open and the motor running while delivering doughnuts to a gas station. Next thing he knew, two people jumped in and drove off, spilling boxes of doughnuts out the back. Police chased it nearly 15 miles down the interstate before the driver pulled over and ran away into the woods. His companion was arrested. Police say she told them the two had been smoking crack cocaine. Police quote the Krispy Kreme driver as saying drivers will probably be ordered not to leave the doors open and the motor running while making deliveries.

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mmmmmmmmmmmm Krispy Kreme yummy.


this part just cracked me up:


Two hours later, the thieves called a Krispy Kreme manager on the company's Nextel phone and said if they wanted the truck back, they would have to hand over $100, Local 4 reported.



omg some people :lol: I wonder if they held the donuts at gunpoint.



We miss you Truck #5 :( .

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Sell the donuts at 25¢ a piece and would have gotten $400 easy.


I'm finding that police chasing donut trucks is not too rare of an event...




OMG your a funny guy my ribs hurt from laughing so hard oh hell.


I need help. :lol:

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