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While listening to an oldies radio station, my six-year-old evidently got the 60's mixed up with the 21st century. Instead of singing along, "Goin' to the chapel/ And we're gonna get married," I heard him sing, "Goin' to the chat room/ And we're gonna get married."




On a visit to my wife's native England for our honeymoon, we arrived at London's Gatwick Airport. Tania headed for the British-passport control line while I, an American, waited in the foreigners line.


When my turn came, the customs officer asked me the purpose of my visit.


"Pleasure," I replied. "I'm on my honeymoon."


The officer looked first to one side of me, then the other. "That's very interesting, sir," he said as he stamped my passport. "Most men bring their wives with them."




As a senior at college, Steve would often engage women psychology majors in heated discussions about male-female relationships. Once, Shelly and Steve got into a hot debate about whether men or women make the larger sacrifice of their respective gender characteristics when they get married.


To Steve's surprise, Shelly agreed with him that men give up far more than women.


"You're right, Steve," she said. "Men generally give up doing their cleaning, their cooking, their grocery shopping, their laundry..."




At the end of a long day of driving, we encountered roadwork. We were unsure which lane to use, and the flagman was no help; his signal light went up, down, across, and back again.


What do you think he wants us to do?" my husband asked. We proceeded cautiously and finally drew abreast of the flagman--who, we realized, was frantically warding off mosquitoes.




Did you know that the word ALIMONY is really a contraction. Its short for "all my money".

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