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Fun Ways To Get Kicked Out Of A Small Town Church


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Top 10 fun ways to get kicked out of a small town church:


10. Ask if the communion wafers come with dipping sauce. When you're told, "No," pull out a bottle of ranch dressing.


9. Keep bringing up the Spanish Inquisition.


8. Make change from the collection plate.


7. During communion, when handed the wafers, declare loudly, "No thanks, I'm a pagan."


6. Keeping referring to Jesus as 'God's Bastard'.


5. Wash your hands in the holy water fount. (Hint: Bring your own soap).


4. While the rest of the congregation is singing 'Micheal Row The Boat Ashore', try to start rounds of, yep, 'Row Row Row Your Boat'.


3. Come in on crutches. Halfway through service, stand up and shout "I'm healed!" Then fall down. Repeat.


2. Attend services in drag.


And the #1 fun way to get kicked out of a small town church:


Two words. Super Soaker.

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Lol! Yup, you would definitly be kicked out of town and bared from all future cow tipping activities. I don't know how, but my grandpa's older brother and his friends got a cow on the second floor of their high school. Ah, pranks were so much more elaborate in the 1910's and 1920's.
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