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Yo Momma's So Fat...


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Yo momma's so fat...

  • when she goes to the beach and gets in the water, all the countries experience flooding
  • she shows up as a constant blip on airport radar screens
  • when she turns around, it creates a tornado
  • her clothing sizes refer to the number of square acres used to make it
  • she's banned from going on any bridge that cannot handle over 20tons of weight
  • grass for miles has died from lack of sunlight
  • when she farts, it shakes the entire planet
  • it takes 3 days for her food to reach her stomache after she swallows it
  • when someone went to tell her how fat she was, they got sucked in because it was her feeding time (they should have waited for her 12hr feeding to be over with)
  • if she walks to fast, her legs catch on fire
  • she causes the earth to cave in no matter where she is standing...or landed might be a better word.
  • she drinks a lake like others drink a glass of water
  • 1/10th of her fat could keep a 3rd world country warm for an entire winter
  • satellite shots of her STILL aren't far enough away to get all of her in the shot
  • one time she ate Jenny Craig and actually lost 1 ton
  • weight watchers has labelled her the most impossible case
  • the only way she ever sees her toenails is to let them grow a mile long first
  • she can jump on water and never get wet

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