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I am lame


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Ok ya'll, this wasn't my idea. Wolfie wanted me to post about my fights for I'm guessing 2 reasons. To make fun of my butt getting kicked and to keep the forums active. But when it comes to rambling on and on and on about Karate, how can I refuse?



3 rounds is hell. Literally. The first round went excellent. I fought Kim and I was so pumped up that I started to go after him before Sensei yelled Hajime.


My second round was Bryan; Now THAT was pure agony. He's probably the second hardest one to fight out of all the other Black Belts in there. And what made fighting with him even worse was that he kept kicking me and punching me in the same place over and over and over and over again. Finally he hit me right under the chest hard enough that I had to stop. One, I HAD to stop. And two, Sensei made me stop. I have been hit and punched pretty hard before, but this time I couldn't talk nor could I even breathe. I just couldn't. I'd open my mouth in attempt to answer Sensei's questions he was asking me at the time but nothing would come out. That was probably the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. To make it even worse, about 20 seconds after I got my breath again, Bryan kicked me in the same place as he did when it winded me. It's kind of scary when you lose your breath and can't do anything about it. I mean, when you try as hard as you humanly can to breathe, and can't, yeah, that's scary.


Kim, the one I fought on my first round, had me come rather close to a repeat from what happened when Bryan fought me. Kim basically shoved his foot through my ride side and made his foot come out of my left side. That one hurt bad enough to make my eyes tear up. Besides that incident, the fight with Kim went well. I was able to block and counter his blows pretty well.


Sensei, the one I fought on my 3rd and final round went awesome. And I do mean awesome. You know HOW awesome? I nearly put him on the floor. Twice. All day I have been thinking of ways to get through the Black Belt's punches, kicks and even blocks. When the time was just right, I hooked my arm under Sensei's arm (The one that he was attempting to punch me with) and was able to get control over half of his body. Then with my free hand, I slammed him in the face. Before I knew it his knees were buckling. But when I unhooked my arm, he tried to sweep my feet from under me. Heh, well, I saw what he was trying to do and got out of the way just like that. I did not fall even once. Not even once. Regardless, I came so close to falling so many times. But no such luck. Anyway, I nearly took Sensei down a second time. In pretty much the same way as I did the first time. Except I was able to hook my arm under his arm, get behind him and hook my leg around his leg.


I think my fight with Sensei went about the best. For obvious reasons. All in all, I don't think I did half bad. I do know I did better than what I did for my Yellow Tip.



I copied that from where I wrote last night. I won't copy the rest because it's stuff about my friends. 8 paragraphs more. And you people have saw enough already =)

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Me thinks he let you win.. But not out of sympathy. Probably more from lowering his abilities to challenge you on your level. Otherwise it would be like car-racing when you are in a sports car fully loaded and ready, and the other person is driving a pinto that is falling apart and running on fumes for gas.



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I'm sure if Sensei really wanted to he could have killed me before the 20 second mark was up. But the point there is that you can go after them after they let their guard down. Some people (Especially White Belts) can't even do that much. That's why whoever you're sparring on your last round lets their guard down; to see if your fast enough to take action.


I gave him a bloody mouth. Doesn't that count? =)

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