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A Cut Below The Rest


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Metalic tasting blood oozed slowly

I watched and blinked back tears, but felt no pain

My veins slowly let the hate, the pain, leak away


With blessed sleep along come the nightmares

So, the needle stings my flesh once more

To drain the poison from my soul


Everyone thinks I'm a cut above the rest

So those who taunt and tease, surely won't bother

But truth be told I'm not a cut above the rest


I'm just a cut, marring my flesh

Keeping my just so far from perfection

I'll try to hang myself on angel's hair

And smother the pain on baby's breath


Like with Mercutio, I tempted fate and have met my doom

With this cut I bring myself a bit closer to death's gravity

While descending I realize,

I'm just a cut below the rest

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