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Found Life With You, How I Was Born


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I can only dedicate this to one person in my life. He knows who he is and the silence that we can share makes us stronger.



I was born on the day I met you.

There were no words to express the power of being between us.

If ever I never imagined love - you showed it to me.

My entire being opened and surrendered to your eyes.


You captivated me from the very first breath I took.

No amount of time could measure the ecstacy of wanting to be alive.

My yearning for life did not exist until you spoke a word to my ears.

I ended each day only with want for another day.


Watching you in every way made me want for more.

More life, more breath, more being.

Love was not strong enough to enclosed the bond.

Yet that simple word was a powerful base of life for us.


No wanting could I have more than your skin.

Craving of just the sound of your breathing within me.

The sound of your voice carrying me from one moment to another.

And creating a capture of hearts.


If ever there were two people held

We were uplifted by the power of more than emotion

Almost making time stand still

Every moment cascading into another.


My life I give for love

For it was love that gave me this life

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