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How My Heart Aches for You


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Without looking into your eyes, I can see you. You are as beautiful today as you were on the day I met you, time refuses to touch the beauty that you have carried with you throughout your life, but that is not what attracted me to you.


Without touching your skin, I can feel the softness. To compare your flesh to that of an angel's soft wings would be most fitting, such a magnificent glow, but that is not what attracted me to you.


Without hearing your voice, I can hear your words. They flow like notes from a music box that plays such mellow and harmonizing tones, how it captivates me, but that is not wat attracted me to you.


Without you, my heart aches. I try and convince myself that I can make it through life without you, but yet my heart aches for you. I feel dispare to know that I may never look into your eyes again, nor touch your soft skin or to hear your beautiful voice, so I imagine your the person I see in the mirror, or the person I talk to in passing, or caress my arm and reminise about the times I held you in my arms.


My heart aches for you and there is no cure for that, only you.

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