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All's Well That Ends Well...


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I'M BACK i'm back I'm BaCk!!!! Camp was SO fun. I wish it coulda been longer, though. Ok, I met TONS of people and had a lot of fun. Only bad thing was I sparined my ankle! And it sucked. It hurt - BAD. I was limping around for two days with a wrap on it. Ok, and now to classes: I took choir, piano workshop, dance (it was more like yoga though - ommmm, and piano lessons. Choir was really cool, and I think my voice improved. Piano workshop was AWESOME - I played on a harpsichord (woot woot) and there was this really hot guy in my class too. :naughty: Dance (aka yoga) was...a bit odd, but all-in-all, quite fun. My piano lessons were ok (my best friend at camp [Lauren] hated our teacher); the teacher was olddd, but w/e.

AAAAHHHH!!! Recitals! Heh heh, I had to play the piano w/o any music in front of me :unsure: !!! I did pretty well though. :-P Ditto the dance recital (minus the no music thing though). And everyone did really good at the Grand Concerts.

The ride home wasn't worth mentioning. *looks away* My Mom and I fought all the way home, so that sucked. <_<

It was weird - before I never had any friends or people to hang out with, and there I was ALWAYS with someone, and now I'm back to being alone. It won't really be the same anymore...I miss it a lot. But I'm DEFINITELY going back next year, and I'm requesting Lauren and Nat as roommates. I hope Alex and Emily and Emma and Paige come back next here. I really liked them too.

But w/e. On to the next thing in my life! :o Which would be a NEW dance studio to go to next week! AHHHH! I can't wait.

G2g now. LATER!



P.S. I need to find my library card!

And my other pair of flip-flops! <_<

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