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Another Moment in my Life


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If there was ever a goddamn moment in my life when I didn't feel down

Just one fucking moment when that feeling wasn't around

Then I think I'd be fine, I'd be okay

I'd make it through the night and wake up the next day

For all this hate, all this goddamn strife

I've turned my back on life and resorted to the knife

And ever fucking minute, I'm standing next to you

I feel like all the lies, have suddenly become true

For every moment that I spend, layind on my bed

Is 2 minutes closer to the moment I am dead

Close my ears and goudge out my eyes

I open my mouth and out comes flies

They fly around the filth, the lies within my soul

And please, goddamn it please, make me once again whole

Fuck the world, and all it's love

Send me down, please not above

The goddamn normality of all that seems to be

I'd so much rather burn in hell and never again see

Tear my heart out, string it like a puppeteer

Watch it march through hate and fear

And as my corpse burns in the depths of hell

Here is something I'd love to tell

Once again I'm broken and crying

Once again I feel like dieing

Feel the weight of filthy lies

Hear the noise of childrens' cries

And smile upon those who are dead

Smile upon whos seeing in red

Ten minutes past my moment of death

I'll tell you in my final breath

"I'm not dead yet"

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