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take u back

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You violated my limits

With you I always had to be defensive of my side

You left me there by myself

When I was hurt and cried


You touched me how I hated

Scared away who I dated

said to suck it up

Whining is over-rated


You found a new girl

Showed her off in my face

Put anything that had to do with US

On perminent erase


You left her and took me back

But didnt heal all these cuts

Just made the pain worse

Drove me crazy, drove me nuts


You were like a sip of vodka

One sip i was simply drunk

You were like a ship with no sail

One row and I was sunk


You ruined what I had going for me

You ruined all I had

You ruined the moments I was proud

You ruined the moments I was glad

You touched me when I pushed away

You were determined to screw me over every day

You pointed out my problems

You pointed out what I lack

But its me whos ganna tell you

I would still take you back.

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