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Weekly Cliff hanger and Daliy mini story


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Hi Welcome to my Story page. Here im am writing a mini story every day and a great cliff hanger once a week. I hope you enjoy my tales.




Gun Shots

"WAKE UP!" , yelled Mrs. Doewick with her horrid screeching voice. Lola woke up alarrmed and in shock. She got up out of that lumpy bed and yawned. "Nine more years 'till im eighteen." sighed Lola. She pulled out her fancy clothing and lovley shoes. Lola was rich but not happy. Her parents always were out and she was always in. She lived with her nanny Mrs. Doewick who was cruel and mean.

Lola spang to the door hoping she could get out with out eating Mrs.Doewick's Horrible pankcake filled with sour pickles. Luckly she ran down the 90 step spiral stair case with out eating the nasty flavorless food. She ran out and caught a stare from a man about in his 30's carrying a gun. She turned around and walked to school cautionly not to disturb the man.

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