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So, I was mad about how my life is in Brownsburg, but there's really nothing to be mad or aggravated about compared to Indicate's neighborhood (no offense, Natalie). I thought about a lot of things, and compared Brownsburg to Decatur. I decided that Brownsburg would be a better place for me to live.


1. The neighborhood is better. Decatur isn't exactly what you call the safest place in the world. Brownsburg is MUCH better, and there's people my age around there.


2. My home life would be better in Brownsburg. My mom is usually never home, so I would be home alone over half of the time, which is NOT a very good idea for someone my age.


3. My dad has more money. Compared to my mom, my dad probably has about 3 times as much money as my mom. He can afford $200 groceries with no problem (unless there's other stupid bills that shouldn't be coming up), and he can buy me stuff that I need, which is more than I could say about my mom.


4. The school in Brownsburg is better. They have new flat monitor Dell computers in almost every room in the school. The teachers are much better, and they taught me more in two to three months than I learned in almost a whole year in Decatur.


The only bad thing about Brownsburg is that some of the kids at school are pretty snobby, but you have to expect that at any school.


Overall, Brownsburg is a much better place for me to live.

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