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A Few Thoughts


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Okay, well, I was going to move in with my mom because things got really bad in Brownsburg. But I didn't even know what I do have. School. Friends. Space. Etc.


Dad said that Shayna's computer is going to be hooked up sometime soon (he said that 6 months ago). It costs $300 to hook it up ($150 for modem, $150 for someone to hook it up, at least that's what he said). Of course, it'll probably never be hooked up until after I start 8th grade.


I also stated that I feel really... unsuperior... to everyone's clothing. Back in Decatur, I had the best clothes that everyone wanted. Now, he's going to get my clothes in Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, and expensive and GOOD QUALITY stores like that (of course we've never shopped at a thrift store).


There's more space. I can have my own privacy (whenever/if Shayna gets her computer hooked up) in my own room where there's a lock.


Overall, everything is better in Brownsburg than it is in Decatur... except my dad's attitude.

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