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:blush: 15 THINGS I WANT IN MY GUY :blush:



15. I know this might seem shallow but I don't really want an ugly dude.

14. A smart brain. Needs to know the right thing to do.

13. Cares about friends and family. Needs to be loyal to close family and friends.

12. Listens to the angel on his right sholder.

11.Tells me the truth and where he goes if he is gone to long.

10. Hangs out with a nice crowd. Doesnt have 2 parts of him. Did you ever see Grease? Danny was so sweet 1 on 1 with Sandy but was a complete butt hole with his friends. Not taking that.

9. Smiles often.

8. Not to up tight. Let loose sometimes but not out of control.

7. Doesnt look at girls' butts!

6. Sees inner beauty. If I become an actress, then I become a dentist he won't drop me.

5. Shares alot of my interests.

4. Kisses have to have hugs with them!

3. Isn't a slob and isn't a couch potatoe.

2. Can make me laugh easily. That is one of my weakest spots.

1. Loves me and only me! :wub:

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Well my b/f treats me like a queen. He is so romantic and omg the best ever.....

He is caring,understanding, great listener, my best friend, and my everything else if ya know what I mean. :blush:


We are so into each other and so very much in love.

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