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O.O Hi.... I can't belive I'm back on the Internet...(Including the computer...) My dad ran a Microsoft program and it deleted the bootup process... So it took a while to get it to work... Look Ya'll I'm sorry I've been gone so long.. We had to Install our Windows Program again and it took a while but...HEY! It worked!! We also had to get out Netzero so we signed up again and got that 3G crap.... So again Hey and sorry for the confusion...
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Oh and Additonal Information...


I am 6'0" I love Wolves and horses and I got the Sixth Harry Potter book..Read it liked it.. I went to the local fair near my hometown and came back with a huge grin..Sleepy but a big grin.. I am now working on my Yahoo! Group about Harry Potter .. and Look forward to going to school August 15th. I also can't belive how much the book rental is..$161.96.. I have to go to Jumpstart this Monday...O_O 8 o'clock AM for my math.. I might not be on very much.. due to getting used to my new schedule and maybe homework... That's all!!

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Hello, this is Zack, AngieWolf's brother. I have some very grave news. AngieWolf is in the Hospital and might not be out for a while. I might not have and further Information. Please pray that she will be okay. (She is in Critical Condition thats why I said pray.)


Thank you,


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