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Well, well, well...


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Mood today: :ph34r:


I leave tomorrow!!! See, camp starts on Sunday, but since it takes quite a bit of time to get there, so we're leaving tomorrow and then staying @ a hotel that's really close to the college where the camp is at. So let's see...I've got...






Snacks! w00t w00t


Soap, toothbrush, all that *stuff*


Sheet music


Which reminds me, I have to practice tonight. Er, piano gets hard when you're in the *advanced* level like me. :P I'm in the Junior High level, because of my age, but (not to brag! This is true!) my teacher said I could easily be in the high school level because I'm advanced. Hehe. Sorry. I'll quit it. Anyhow...last Tuesday, I was fighting w/my mom (as usual) and I got so pissed that I came in my in my room and slammed my door and through my basketball against my closet door - and it broke. -_- I'll have my dad fix it while I'm at camp. ;) Hehe, I g2g soon....or wait, now. Bye bye.


P.S. I won't be on till next Monday!!!! I'll miss y'all!



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