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[/i]My mood today: :blink:


^^^^^ I decided to do a weird mood thing. Dunno why.

Mmk, so anyways...down to business. The recital went really really well. I made no mistakes whatsoever - YaY!!! Rachel did awesome too. Ditto Hannah and Jennifer. Which was awesome, but I didn't get to say WTG to Rachel, but w/e. I lost her in the audience lol. :ph34r: Ooh, I like that face. Ok, about today: since, by now, you all know that I have no freedom whatsoever, so, I finally got a teeny bit of it to let me Mom let me ride my bike to the library. IT's a long story how I finally got her to let me, an' I don't feel like telling it. -.- So, she always makes me call when I get here, and call before I leave. <_< Which is so stupid. I live in a town with no crime, and yet my mom can't understand that, seeing that she used to live in Chicago. I don't really give though. I need more freedom, and I need it NOW. But nooo, I guess I'll have to fight for MORE freedom. Anyhow, I forgot to call (again) and she called me and was super pissed. So then she comes over to the library and talks to me and she's all: Why can't you remember to call?


My thoughts: Why can't you give me more freedom?!?!


Mom: You HAVE to call or else you're never riding your bike here again, understand?


Me: Ok.


My thoughts: Whatever.




So now, I gotta go.


Ooh, my Dido CD came in. I'm also renting a Enya CD. ^^ Grr, "Meteora" is overdue though lol. Haha, they're not gonna get it back!! Ooh, Hell's Kitchen is on tonight. So is "Fear Factor!!!!!!!" Yay! Gotta go home and watch it!!!

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