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your perfect friend


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so what do you look for in a perfect friend? and if you wish, you can say what your perfect boyfriend/girlfriend is too.




in a friend...

  • preferrably a guy friend... guys usually don't start as much crap as a lot of girls do
  • i'd rather for him to be a little older than me. guys my age (no offense to anyone who is) seem to still be a little immature.
  • i'd like him to be very supportive and to give me advice when i need it, if possible
  • NO BACK-STABBERS! <_< and no talking behind my f'in back! :no:

and that's really all i want in a friend. i don't think its very much to ask for.




in a boyfriend...

  • to be decent looking. i mean, i go mostly for personality, but doesn't everyone want a decent looking person?
  • i don't like red hair or brown eyes very much... so as far as hair and eyes go, anything but brown eyes and red hair..
  • i would appreciate if he took care of his teeth.
  • being stuck up automatically turns me off.
  • i don't like low self-esteem.
  • i want him to commit to me and only me, bc i would commit to him and only to him.
  • having separate friends, interests, and not spending every minute w/ me is important, believe it or not.
  • don't call me every day.
  • don't kiss me every 5 seconds.
  • be supportive.
  • be polite, when needed.

yeah. thats a lot for a boyfriend, but you're pretty lucky if i like you (don't take that as being stuck up... but its the truth)

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in a friend...



My best friend ever is Jay he is the best most of my guy friends are gay and they rock.

I have very few female friends really but again I can always rely on my gal pal Sammie.


Well my b/f is the best we have a great thing going on.


He listens to me

has been there when I have been sad or mad etc...........

we communicate with each other

he is smart and in my eyes very sexy.

we have some of the same interests and then we do not lol

he is kind

has a great heart

he makes me laugh which is very important to me a man that can make me laugh.

he is a great kisser :blush:

He is the best.

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