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Gay Rights


Are you against Gays?  

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I'm kinda 50/50 on gays. On one hand I think it's ok simply because it's the persons choice. I mean, if some person likes another person of their same gender in that way, then hey, that's them. Nor do I view gays any differently than any other "normal" person. I don't look at gays and say "Ewww, what a freak!" like some people might.


But on the other hand, I'm against it simply because of my religion and what the bible has pounded into my head.


I know you can't have "both worlds" on believing that it's right and wrong - especially when it comes to religion like that. But in my own little world you can.


I bet this post made alot of sense huh?

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I'm not good with words, so I'll paste directly from my logs into my post.

These are from a game I play called 'RPG World Online.'

Asche, Kyle, and Arina pretty much have the same views as I do.

I pretty much stayed out of this conversation. The times that I did speak are edited out.

Some of the messages were taken out due to content that... might not be appropriate here.


19:19.14 : Kyle guildsays: I'm not gay, you know, but I respect them.

19:19.18 : Tradewoman Arina guildsays: So do I

19:19.22 : Kyle guildsays: I don't care about what they do in the bedroom. They're nice people.

19:19.34 : Tradewoman Arina guildsays: Hell, look into old history. Rome for example

19:19.43 : Asche guildsays: oO

19:19.44 : Tradewoman Arina guildsays: Gay was accepted, even engouraged.

19:19.49 : Asche guildsays: I'm...

19:19.54 : Asche guildsays: Not against gay people.

19:20.03 : Tradewoman Arina guildsays: Go ahead I say, it's not for me.

19:20.06 : Kyle guildsays: I'm an atheist, and thus have no basis for hatred against ANYONE.

19:20.12 : Tradewoman Arina guildsays: I'm for marrige, its just a peice of paper.

19:20.19 : Asche guildsays: I just find the practice to be biologicaly shiverry.

19:21.40 : Asche guildsays: I'm not against gay people.

19:21.44 : Asche guildsays: I'm not against anything.

19:21.51 : Asche guildsays: I just don't find it to be my cup of tea.

19:22.00 : Tradewoman Arina guildsays: XD Tea

19:22.12 : Asche guildsays: Asides that, I had a confusing environment

19:22.16 : Asche guildsays: Liberal Catholics.

19:22.32 : Asche guildsays: "Bush sucks! Stone the Gays!"

19:22.48 : Asche guildsays: And where I live, a stoning is a collective of weed smokers.

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Well, I can't seem to edit in this board either, so I'll make a post of what I forgot.


19:24.43 : Asche guildsays: In one corner, I think that the discrimination against gay people is bigoted and stupid

19:25.00 : Asche guildsays: In the other, I think gay people go about they're protests all wrong

19:25.10 : Asche guildsays: You don't think we should get married?

19:25.13 : Asche guildsays: Oh !@#$ing yeah?

19:25.18 : Tradewoman Arina guildsays: Yeah...

19:25.28 : Asche guildsays: Well, If you won't listen to us

19:25.34 : Asche guildsays: We'll....

19:25.36 : Asche guildsays: ...shut up.

19:25.41 : Asche guildsays: (Day of Silence.)

19:25.51 : Asche guildsays: (The most retarded-(butt) protest I've ever heard of)

19:26.10 : Asche guildsays: People protesting the mistreatment of gay people were silent for a whole day

19:26.15 : Kyle guildsays: ...

19:26.15 : Asche guildsays: >_>

19:26.19 : Kyle guildsays: ... wow.

19:26.19 : Asche guildsays: True story.

19:26.25 : Treble guildsays: I'd think that would be an encouragement

19:26.30 : Asche guildsays: EXACTLY! >_<

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We are all human beings and I really do not care if you are gay, straight, bi whatever floats your boat. I am against people who hate someone for no reason and I am against people who go out of their way to hurt others. My basic philosophy is I live and let live.


We all have our skeletons in our closets......

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yeah umm gays just really need to go away.. because half of what is happening right now with the hurricanes and what not is pretty much because of all the crap thats goin on.. You wanna know why all these places have been hiit with hurricanes it's because of people sinning like gay people now I'm not sayin its all gays I'm jusdt sayig in general people are loosing touch with what is right.. So you wanna know why we're having hurricanes.. to quote brian from family guy, "God *slap* is *slap* PISSED"
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people like you ^ are so full of crap you need to disappear and take your narrow minded BS with you while you are at it your at it my god get your head out of the sand. We humans are destroying our world hello about the hurricanes get your ass into a science class.... Edited by dream19
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