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Lonely Girl.

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She sits in her room

All alone and sad

Of the dreams in which shes wants

Are the ones she'll never have.


All she wants is a friend

One that will stay

She wants someone one to talk too

And not to just walk away.


She cries often

And the tears in which she cries

Are the tears of what she wants

And what she wants, is just to die.


She has finally gaven up

"I mean, whats the point to try?"

"All I want is just a friend.."

"And Now I just want to die."


Her mom is such a drunk

She says "Your so ugly and fat!"

"Mom just shut up." she cries

She knows she cant stand that.


Her mother gets a hammer

And starts to beat at her head

"Mom please stop!." she cries

But before she knew it she was dead.


Her mom starts to panic

"Tracy get off the floor!"

As tears come from her eyes,

Tracy will no longer cry any more.


Her mom prays to God

She doesnt know what to do

"Please lord, forgive me."

Tell Tracy I love her, And I love you too.

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