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Simple pranks


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Let's put together a stack of simple but annoying pranks...



But be careful, it could hurt someone...


At a resteraunt, put salt into the sugar bowl and sugar into the salt shaker.


Enjoy the laughs.




In someones car or home, crank up the volume on their radio/stereo. (Only works for ones where the volume can be adjust even while the power is off.)


Best in a car though, but ONLY if you know that the radio is already "on" so when they turn the car on, BAM!



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Doesn't require getting into a car. Car doesn't even have to be unlocked.

If you're like me, you have various coke cans/bottles in your vehicle. Now you can finally rid yourself of clutter! What you do is take the lid off of a bottle and slip it over the antennae of the car. It's a little prank my dad and his friend have been doing for quite a while.



Items required:


Coin (preferrably a quarter)

Walk into a building with a fire alarm. You know the kind. I'll try to make a diagram.

|       |
| |___| |
|   |   |

See the middle Y? That's the part you pull to set the alarm off. What you do is glue one of the faces of your coin to the top edge of the Y. When someone comes by, they'll think that someone just balanced the coin there. When they try to take it, the alarm goes off.


Edit: Fixed diagram.

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