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Ok. So, I know I haven't posted in a while...so, sorry 'bout that. <_< I've been busy.

Right now, I'd like to catch up with everything, by starting off with: I'M STRESSED OUT! Why? Because...

  1. I got my info about the summer camp that I'm going to and I gotta bring all this crap with for just one freakin' week.
  2. I'm behind in school and since I'm homeschooled, I have to work till the END OF JUNE.
  3. I have no freedom and privacy whatsoever, so I'm pissed about that.

Let me go into more detail about those three now.

Ok, I'm going to this music camp that's a week long (I personally wish it was longer so I could be away from my parents, but I can't help that) and I just today got all the info about it. OMG! It's a busy schedule. First I have to get up @ 6 (I am SO totally NOT a morning person too!!), then eat, then go to piano stuff, then to choir, then to dance, then more choir, (lunch is in between those two) and then dinner then recreational activities (this is a stupid name <_<), then nightly stuff, then bed, then the same thing for a week. And get this: It's 4 hours away from where I live, so I have to stay @ a hotel the day before, which means I won't sleep because I never sleep @ hotels. So I'll be dead tired when I finally ge to the camp. And I have to take a bunch of crap. Bleh. So w/e.

Now 'b'. I'm behind in school - mostly in math...AGGGHHH! Basically because I took too much time off.


Oh gosh. Someone's signed up for this computer. I g2g. More later or tomorrow.


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