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This is what I'm going to submit for the contest I mentioned in my blog. It's not very good. It doesn't rhyme. I'm not saying that a poem has to rhyme to be good, just to clear that up. It's not a traditional poem. I'm not asking for improvements for the contest, as this will be submitted before anyone could actually reply. I'm sure it won't win any awards. Now that I look back on it after typing it out, I'm embarrassed that I wrote it. Oh well, 100 points is 100 points. Thanks for reading and please don't be overly harsh.


We are being watched

Every day, whether we want it or not

Sometimes without our knowledge

By a being who is above our laws

He cannot be touched

He fancies himself God

He does what he will

And expects that we should

Bend to his every whim

What does he look like?

No one has ever seen his face

What is his name?

Most know him by the name of Big Brother

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As much as I hate bumping this topic up to the top, I feel the need to tell people about this.


The America Library of Poetry just now registered my poem in a contest. I'll be one of 2837346283 other finalists who get their poem published in a book. Guess what? Mine will be on the front page! You know what they don't tell you? Each of those 2837346283 finalists will get their poem on the front page of the book they buy, too.


Well, at least they don't rip you off quite as bad as Poetry.com. It costs $50, I think, to get your poem published in that scam and it takes probably the same amount of money to buy the issue with your "editor's choice" poem in it. You can buy this one for the "discount" price of $38.95. Actually, you can't buy it. They only sell it to "contest winners."


Here's a link that many people could find useful could they find it.




It has a lot of info about the scams and some honest alternatives.

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Congrats? It's a scam. As long as you don't say anything against the "Americal Library of Poetry," they'll publish your poem.


True story: Some guy was trying to prove it was a scam. He input the name "Hairy Newts Sacks" with the poem title "Killing the Knee Grows." They put it in a book.



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