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What colors suit you?


What colors go best with your skin tone  

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I like Pink, Purple, Blue, Aqua Mariene, and a little of red and black.


I like a lot of blue cause i LOVE the ocean and the beach. Its so nice and osm there.


-the waves

-the water

-the pretty sunsetts

-the walks along the beach

-*the hott guys*

-and the sun :D


Or maybe cause its my birthstone color...huh i wonder which one?

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idk if ur talking about clothing or eyes, so i'll just say both.


for clothing, about any color looks pretty good on me. (sorry if it sounds like i'm bragging or something.. i'm really trying to make it not sound that way! =\) but if i had to choose the one that doesn't look as good for me, i think it would be black. i mean, black is slimming right? i'm already pencil thin, and it just makes me look anorexic or bullimic or something. (maybe i'm just too tough on myself)


as far as makeup, browns and neutrals look REALLY good on me. but i think both hots and colds look pretty good on me too, depending how light or dark the color is. (like if its dark or light blue)

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lip color in the pinks usually (gloss) plus I like bright colors for the summer and in the winter I wear more darker colors like dark blue in clothes and make-up.



For eye color it all depends what I am wearing.


I either wear brown or black eye liner.

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mmkay i'll post on here again. (cuz now i wear more make-up).


i wear black eyeliner, black mascara.. for eyeshadow, it depends on what look i want.. dark brown eyeshadow looks great on me, so does deep purple or dark blue. light pink looks pretty good too ^^

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