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My English teacher, for whatever reason, has a subscription to the New York Magazine. Maybe it's the NYT Magazine or something. Whatever.


He brings in a stack of magazines and newspapers. He wants us to do a summary on an article for when he comes back on Friday. Well, I pick one up and start skimming through. What do you know, the article I open up to is titled "Four Decades of Playboy Centerfolds." No, it's not just an article. Yes, it has every one of the pictures. Some of them 'is quite fit,' as Stardust would say. Now, is that stupid or what? A teacher brings porn in to class and gives it to us. I used to hate that class, but now it's up a notch on my list. Right above P.E. and anything with Mrs. Harrison or Reed in it.


Yes, this should probably be a blog entry instead of being posted here...

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