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Um, this is something I really want to say to most... When I was 4 years old on January 1st 1996, my mother died of Kidney cancer. There was no treatment back then so she couldn't be saved.. Until today or forever I am griefed forever.. It's just that, when some people express someting about a mother or and insult about one.. it makes me sad to know I can't have one. I never actually knew my mother but I remember only my third birthday... She was using her camcorder to tape it.. *smiles at thought* I..wish I could have my mother with me here still...*cries* :sniff: :sniff: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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When I was 4 years old on January 1st 1996, ...

Was it on Jan 1st, 1996, or were you 4 years old? Both is not possible.


Aside from that, you might check out SoBe's interest in the cancer research area.


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Oh wolfie..who cares about the effing date. Thats DEFINALTLY not the point.

Im really sorry to hear that hun. Its hard to deal with. My grandma JUST got diagnosed with cancer in April. And I did a speech about how it has affected my life..and I cried. It was so hard. The last thing my speech said was "My grandma really wants me to tell everyone about her illness, and how it affects HER and me. Please dont take life for granted, that it was she has always taught me..Thank you." And that is where I broke down..so if you ever do a speech like that and cry..its ok. People fully understand..trust me.

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I know its hard..but You have to hold on..Its hard not having a mother now that I really dont understand..but she is with you right now. And she is watching over you right now. I promise. You will be with her someday, and when you are..It will be the most awesomest thing ever. But for now, you are MEANT to be here. You mom is in a better place now..and has been for a long time.
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Angie, you could not be 4 on Jan 1st, 1996.


Timeline for you to follow:

Sep 29, 1992 - born

Sep 29, 1993 - 1st birthday

Sep 29, 1994 - 2nd birthday

Sep 29, 1995 - 3rd birthday

Jan 1st, 1996 - Unfortunate passing of your mom

Sep 29, 1996 - 4th birthday


Only way you could be 4 is if she passed in 1997 and not 1996.

If you're certain you were 4, then check to verify the year it happened. After all, wouldn't it be wrong to say she passed away on the wrong year or to not realize how old you really were? This is all meant with the uptmost respect for the passing of a loved one too.

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