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What Are You Afriad Of?


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my #1 fear is talking to people. some people have actually called me anti-social bc of it. i'm so terrified of saying the wrong thing to people, i just don't talk. i've tried to get over it, but i can't seem to grow out of it. i've been this way for a few years. prolly since 6th grade.




my #2 fear is having the people i care about leave me, especially if it was my mom or my cousin. i literally can't handle anything w/o them.




my #3 fear is probably my dad. whenever he's home, i can't feel anything but aggravated, numb, or sad. i'm scared to walk in front of him w/o saying "why didn't u do this." and he can't really help me w/ my problems, especially guy problems. i mean, he IS a guy, i thought he would tell me what its like from a guy's point of view. instead, he just says "ur only 14, you don't know what love is" or that i'm too young to be "doing that crap". and i'm afraid of making mistakes, bc i always seem to do everything wrong. i mean, he doesn't physically abuse me. he would never lay a hand on me. and he'll buy me everything i can wish for, but other than that, idk about him anymore...




were u expecting spiders, death, and heights? well of course i'm "scared" of spiders and heights (but i'm not afraid of death), but there's other things to be more afraid of.

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