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hmm...who would I share a wishbone with? Probably young kids who are suffering with cancer. It is horrible for kids as young as a few months old..have to deal with such a life threatening disease. Docters are trying so hard to find a cure, and I wish they would just hurry up!


I would go to a hospital...take about 5-8 cancer-struck kids with me and take them for a day to do what ever they want to do and where ever they want to go! They usually have to spend all the time at the hospitals and all that stuff..so why don't we take them out for a full day of non-stop fun? Don't they deserve it? Nothing is wrong with me, and I get to have non-stop fun days...almost everyday. So don't you think that Cancer-struck kids deserve at least one day..even before their death?


Gah lee! I have never really thought about this! Isn't it amasing how such little kids are going through so much pain and so much miserie, and yet are angels in many peoples minds?! I know they are in mine! You know that if we all pray everyday, everytime we pray...kids will get better! There is no doubt! Although many kids do die..there are always many other ones..who are just as sweet and just as adorable as the ones that have passed and moved on into heaven!


So...I would share my wishbone with kids with cancer. Take them shopping, go to the movies, go to the park and play on the playground, have a picnic, go to the pool and whatever else they don't normally get to do!


So can you guys do a favor for me? Pray for the little boys and girls with cancer! Every little bit counts! I know I'll be thanked and you will be too! You will feel awesome after you pray for someone with cancer, and it makes them feel good too! ~*Pray always!*~

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