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Ever since I moved in with my dad back in the second week of March, my life has gone downhill completely. My dad and I don't spend as much time together as we used to. Everything is always my fault. Everything I do is wrong in their eyes. I went to a different school.


I have no privacy.


I get home from school every day, and I go into my room, shut the door, and lock it. Then they all get mad at me for wanting privacy. I was in a bad mood, do they WANT me to snap at their every comment? Hmm. I wouldn't think so. I don't know what to do. They get mad at me for everything!!

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You're entering the age where you look for and need some privacy.


Overall it sounds like your entire family needs to see a therapist. Things are only going to get worse and in order for them to improve, everyone, including you of course, will need to be shown how to look at things from everyone elses perspective. Maybe the family feels like you are trying to isolate yourself from the rest of them out of resentment or something else like that. You could try saying that after being at school all day you want to have some alone time instead of being forced to socialize even more. Also that being forced to socialize is making you resent how things are going.


The best way for things to improve is for them to give you some of your own freedom in decision making. Not much, just some. How much of your current situation were you given a choice about? Your feelings have to be considered too, not just everyone elses. Since everyone else is older than you, they should all be more mature in how they act towards you, with the only exception being the baby/toddler.


Sometimes you have to plan your arguements. If they say that you're not being mature, point out things on how others are doing things that aren't mature, but they're older, so they should be acting more mature than you. If it gets changed to you're being that mature one, then you can change it to being that you, being the mature one, should be treated that way, so when you want to spend some mature alone time, that you not get yelled at for it.


For everything they use to try to control you (meaning that as treating you like you're the one with the problem), there is something in it that works in your favor too. If they try to build you up saying that you're smart and mature, then they should respect your decisions, like spending time alone. If they try to say that you're just a kid, etc etc, then you get to be immature and not put up with being hit by the toddler. (ie, if she hits you then you get to smack her hand for it, if she cries, her fault).


They can't have you being the smarter/more mature one AND have you being the total opposite _at_the_same_time_ because it doesn't work that way.


I hope that it gives you some same but different ideas on what you can do. But really I think seeking professional help, on a family level, would be the best thing to have happen.

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I do believe someone likes somebody.

Oh, and who is it that you like THIS time?



I COULD talk to them about it. Couldn't get professional help though, because they'll probably say that it's stupid. They never listen to me anyway.

Well, up to you to try, but either way, I hope that it gave you some ideas to use.
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