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  • Complains about my dad not sleeping with her enough, but she sleeps on the couch anyway whenever he's here.
  • Seems jealous whenever my dad and I are bowling or doing things without her or Shayna.
  • Always calls my dad whenever it's just us two.
  • Blames everything on me.
  • Very dirty person.
  • Not organized at all.


  • Lazy.
  • Anti-appreciative.
  • Crybaby.
  • Annoying.
  • Worries more about boys than her grades.
  • Rude.


  • Depends on "Mommy" for money and transportation.
  • Can't control her daughter.
  • Very sloppy, like her mother and half-sister.


  • Always in my room.
  • Tries to hit me.
  • Yells at me all the time.
  • Not disciplined whatsoever.

It always seems like the annoying people always live with me.

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And if it were me living with Hannah, I'd teach her manners and discipline real quick. I mean, I couldn't handle some little child crying and hitting because they didn't get their way. Seriously, I wouldn't give into her. Actually, their crying and hitting would make me even more tempted to not give them what they want.


That family needs to learn some serious discipline. That's all I have to say about them.

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Write them a note telling them that, get it dated and notarized. Have copies made. Give them a couple of the copies, then hide the rest (and the original) somewhere safe. Then in about 10 (or better, 15) years when she's acting spoiled and everything else, you can remind them of the letter saying you knew how she would turn out.


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