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3800 posts! Let's keep posting!


Also trying to adjust the different member groups some, partially to have some better control over the now integrated Gallery


As of this moment, here is how it works:


Anyone may view it.

Validated members (those who have registered by have less than 3 posts) may upload about 256k worth of pictures, those must be validated too.

Posted members (3 to 99 posts) have up to 4mb

Recognized (100 to 499) have up to 8mb

SUPER members (500+) have up to 16mb


So there is an incentive to post (meaningless posts will be deleted from now on so posts that are believed to be for the purpose of a post count will get nuked, including "..." or a simple smiley face. Either some related content in the post, or don't post.)


I'll be updating this information as needed.

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