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This is basically a riddle of webpages. You solve a riddle to get to the next page, only to be confronted with another riddle.


How this forum works.. Put the level inside of the title of the topic, then in the post, put a link to that level.


Then everyone works on that level until the answer is found. That way, whichever is the highest level someone gets stuck on, we can all tackle it together to get past it to the next level.


No rules really (other than the common board rules). If you find helpful hints on another webpage, give a link to it. The idea is to solve a level and then start on the next level and so forth.


It's to everyones benefit to not start a topic about a level unless you've tried to solve it first. If you get to a level, solve it, then solve the next level but get stuck at the level after that, then that last one is the one you want to post. If someone else is able to solve it and then get past 3 levels before getting stuck, they would post that level. That way we can all move at the same progress!

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