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R.I.P. Spud aka Puppy


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First off, the "birth month" is when we got her, she may have been born in July or June though.


Had to put her to sleep because she had gotten to be nearly 18 years old, had problems walking, lost a bit of weight, could barely see/hear and the final bit was a reddishness in her stool (believed to be blood). She had a rather long life, so I'm happy that she lived as long as she did, but it was still hard to have to let her go even though it was the best thing for her. She was also a good dog, so I know that she went to "doggy heaven". I just hope that she'll know that the choice I made was for her, because if I had made the choice for me, I'd keep her until she passed on her own, even though that would have been cruel to her. (I hate to let go)


The vet told me that she was over 120 years old (in dog years)


Everyone who has a pet, go give them hugs every chance you get, because when it comes time to let them pass on, you'll never get that chance again. I'm not sorry about the time with her, I'm thankful that it was for as long as it was.

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Whenever I look at your icon I just can't help but feel that you ate teh puppy. *Hugs* But poor Wolfie, I don't have a dog, but I <3 my neighbor's dog and my cousin's dog, Bootsy got hit by a car a while ago (Thankfully full recovery) but I was so sad when I found out, I don't know how I would of felt if she died. *Huggles*
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