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Hate him

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I hate him

I hate how hes led me on...

I hate how he doesnt even care about me

I hope that one day he knows that he was my biggest crush-

And ended up being my biggest fear.

When I call him

I put my life on pause

just to hear his voice

but now

im sick of hearing his NAME

this isnt some big game

im not a princess

and hes not a prince

when im in trouble

he wont rescue me

When i need a kiss to save me

he wont even WALK to see me in my deepest pain

this "love" is driving me insane

I'm crying so much

and smiling so little

I hope he dies knowing what hes done to me

Does he think that i want to know about his girlfriend?

Because i DONT

Does he think that i want to know about his life with out me?

And how he's just so [darn] happy

And how everythings working out

Without a single doubt

O wow im so impressed

You have a gurl

Your in a band

You have that voice i just cant stand

I'm on a plane that i cant seem to land

Some day i'll take you by lifes hand...

and it'll crush you

like everything your worth

And what are you worth to me rite now?


But from you i want EVERYTHING

Every1 is looking for SOMETHING or SOME1

And I was wasting my time trying to ammount up to your standards

And that time i wasted...

I ended up starting to cry

and the moments when u made me feel special

In my path behind me they do ly.

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thats pretty funny. u believe ur friend and accuse me of sumthing,then when i say no,u keep on with it,and now u say u dont choose any1 over sum1. things dont get smoother if u ignore. btw, i havent ignored u. u just accused me of sumthing so i quit talking to u untill u say ur sry but it hasnt happend now has it?
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