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Just so you know...

I'm no longer obsessed w/ *needing* you

I don't need you

I'm not even that sure if I *want* you

You just keep draining my heart out

And it has to stop

my faith will just continue to drop

You're my own personal heart-breaker

so thank you

for nothing

and NOTHING means EVERYTHING right now

Of coarse i've thought of what could have happened

if i took some time and stuck around

but me trusting you rite now..

is like u losing my heart and calling it found

so heres this very short poem

that im deticating rite to you

this was to my favorite PAST crush

who i no longer want to hold so tight

to my favorite PAST crush

who i think of til this night

to my favorite past crush

whos crushed me many times

but still managed to help open my eyes

so i could see what lies behind

You put this ache in my heart

so i hope this letter off disapointment sticks w/ you

why is it that im never good enough

no matter how hard i try to get through to u

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