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Get out of mi head

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If i only had you,

i'm not sure why,

but it would make my life easier,

i'm not sure if its because of the way you make me feel special,

or if its the way you call me "sweet"

but i'm done hoping,

i've come to my defeat,

your not mine,

you never will be,

and it was just a while ago that i began to see...

hearing your voice,

makes me happier,

talking to you,

makes my day feel brand-new,

and there isnt one day that passes,

that i wish i had you,

there isnt one HOUR that goes by,

without me thinking of you,

i didnt even have you as my boyfriend,

and i'm missing you already,

but i cant stay here on the sidelines,

feeling sad and petty,

I'm not sure what it takes,

to get you off my mind,

maybe falling in love,

with somebody else,

just like you did for me,

cant you just stay out of my head,

and let me and my life be,

because when i breathe,

while thinking of you,

it actually HURTS,

my everyday life...

its getting out of sorts,

I've had you out of my mind before,

but right now thats what it lacks,

stay out of my life...please,

but this time,

DONT come back...

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