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Your so forgetful,

so uncaring,

rude,ignorant and hate-filled,

"I love you"

has no meaning,

Your choice of action is ignoring the ones who love you,

when I say stop,

You decide to go,

You have a gift,

of making me feel so down in the dumps,

i've never felt so low,

And cold,

your so cold,

but as i got to know you,

the 'mystery' starts to unfold,

You take love as a game,

You'll do anything to win,


and gain,

you always get

You "won" me...

Thats what i most regret.

But feeling sorry for myself,

isnt doing me any good,

i know what your like,

so dont say misunderstood,

i wont let you win again,

not me,

not ever,

and i wont let you effect the rest,

Because you dont deserve the "better",

let along the "best."

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