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When I Think of You


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I think of you more often than not

Guessing more times in one minute

Than breaths appear again my own flesh

Bringing yearning thoughts of unknown

Projections between us creating an illusion

Of untouchable senses reeling before me


I think of you genuinely

As if the very thought of you

Pulls the minutes of the day together

Mixed with time and energy

Knowing the existence of it all

Embracing each moment with the next


I think of you with intent

On characterizing what this feeling

Delivers into me into some type of word

Communicated and dedicated to sharing

So that we maybe share in what

Could be the same cherished memory


I think of you as no other

Counting on the fact that because

Of who you are brings me

To who I am with you and what I want

Is knowing that you feel it when I say

I think of you

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